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Buy used and New Heavy Construction Machinery for sale by Xin Yuan Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in China. We have built a professional and dependable corporate image to provide the customers with a win-win solution. We have best range of all kinds of heavy construction machinery for sale. We believe in quality without any hesitation from a well-respected construction machinery supplier. We satisfy our customers and their requirements by responding to their queries before and after delivery.

Our proficient workforce can execute any challenging project with their technological expertise and process-driven approach. They tackle and come up with technical solutions to intricate problems. We strive to accomplish excellence through the management of sustainability concerns, speedy execution, budget-friendly prices, safety, and other regulatory compliances.

No matter how big or small your construction project is, buy used excavators for sale & other construction machinery, and our qualified engineers and technicians undertake the entire responsibility. We take care of every detail of your project, from initial architectural plans, through construction and project management, to designing. You can relax knowing your project is being manufactured with the highest quality standards. Every sales representative at our company is highly experienced in inspecting, purchasing, selling, and shipping products throughout the world.


Our objective is to encourage innovation and professional integrity while maintaining a safe working environment. We opt the cutting-edge technologies in the field of construction, engineering, and infrastructure projects.


We aim to deliver sustainable growth and enhance stakeholder’s value through innovative solutions and inspiring people.

Core values 

Our company has persistently been admired as a professional and progressive company in the entire construction industry. This reflects the fact that our company has won a multitude of awards at corporate and site levels. Such recognition and awards boost our confidence level and collectively we raise the benchmarks of excellence.

  • Creativity
  • Commitment
  • Openness and trust
  • Integrity and reliability
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Manufacturing and supplying new and used construction machinery.
  • Live demonstration of different machinery
  • Reduced Operation and maintenance costs
  • Our machines are reliable and efficient.

What sets our company apart from the competitors? 

Our company has succeeded in completing the projects timely and effectively. We believe the exceptional quality of construction machinery is only achievable by listening to our clients, sharing our advice, and then working together for bringing our collaborative vision into reality. We pay utmost attention to maintain and develop a long-term relationship with the customers.

The choice of materials also has a considerable impact on the overall sustainability of a project. We consider the environmental impact, efficiency, and energy savings while opting for the materials. Our choice of materials also plays a crucial role in bringing a design to life.

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