A Complete Bulldozer Purchasing Guide

A Complete Bulldozer Purchasing Guide


The Bulldozer has come a long way since it was first manufactured in 1923 by farmer James Cummings and draftsman J. Earl McLeod. A bulldozer was a modification on the Holt farm tractor and an armored tank that was used in World War I.


In today’s advancing technology, where this world is on the brink of another technological advancement. The bulldozer, along with many other heavy pieces of equipment has come to an advancing stage, where the construction machines are adapting to technology.

Before you go buying a Bulldozer, here is a checklist that you need to ask yourself to ensure you buy the one best suited for you.

  1. Why Are You Buying a Bulldozer?
  2. What Size of a Dozer Are You Looking for?
  3. What Type of Dozer Do You Need?
  4. What Is Your Budget?
  5. Should You Buy a New Dozer of an Old Bulldozer?


Why Are You Buying a Bulldozer?

A bulldozer or a dozer is an extremely powerful machine, that is used for pushing earth and rocks, it is also used for building roads, and construction of buildings as well as wrecking them. Bulldozers can also perform multiple functions on a farm, as their historical use was in the agriculture industry.

In many ways, a bulldozer is similar to a tractor. It consists of a steel blade or plate mounted on the front of a tractor. A bulldozer’s versatility not only comes from its steel bucket but also from its ability to work on almost all terrains. There are multiple types of Bulldozers, which can work great on different terrains.

The front-mounted steel blade can be lifted or pushed down using hydraulic rams. For digging the bucket is held below the ground level and the dozer is maneuvered in such a manner with the bucket that it tears the ground and picks up its pieces. This is how it can be used for digging.

Some other uses of a bulldozer are;

  1. Demolition
  2. Sweeping
  3. Ditching
  4. Snow removal

Depending on the size you can transport and pick up a lot of different materials.


What Size of a Dozer Are You Looking for?

When it comes to the sizes, there is no one correct answer. A variety of manufactures make bulldozers in many different sizes, The world-famous Caterpillar categories their dozers in 4 types, small, medium, large and wheel. Whereas the giant Komatsu categorizes their dozers as small, mid-size, large, and mining, ranging from 70 horsepower to 500+ respectively.

When it comes to size, the dozer’s operational weight plays a huge role. The higher the operational weight the more expensive the dozer is. To set a benchmark, a bulldozer that is categorized as small can range from 80-90 hp and can have an operational weight of around 18000 lbs, and a price range of $80000-$125000.

Similarly, a bulldozer that is categorized as a large machine can range from 600-900 hp and should have an operational weight of around 200,000 lbs. The price can range from $500,000- 1,400,000. Depending on the manufacturer you choose.


What Type of Dozer Do You Need?

A bulldozer is designed for some specific tasks, but what makes it so versatile is the wheels and every terrain friendliness. Some dozers are custom made for some specific tasks but the four areas where the bulldozer specializes are construction, waste hanging, agriculture, and landscaping. The two types of dozers are;

  • Crawler dozer
  • Wheel dozer

As you must have seen some dozers with four heavy-duty wheels. These heavy-duty, all-terrain wheels give them an advantage over certain terrains. These types of dozers are called Wheel loaders. The wheels allow the wheel dozer to move around in high rocky terrain. Their difference other than the wheels is the size, a wheel loader is a lot bigger and has more horsepower than a crawler, thus more weight for it to gain traction from. The wheels on a wheel dozer allow it to maneuver on small axes, making it a great machine for cramped places.

The crawler dozer, the more famous of the two. A crawler dozer has tracks that provide great traction and safety in most terrains, they help the dozer move up on sloppy surfaces or down slippery caves with ease. A crawler is used for a variety of construction, agriculture, and landscaping projects. Its tracks enable the dozer to maneuver on irregular, shifting terrains and gravel on construction sites.


What Is Your Budget?

Your budget is one of the leading factors that will determine what type of bulldozer you will choose. As mentioned earlier, the larger and more operational weight a bulldozer has the higher the price of that dozer will be. But you might find the same specs you are looking for if you buy a used bulldozer. So should you buy a used bulldozer or not? Is it worth buying a used bulldozer? The answer depends on what you are looking for. Bulldozers are made using armored vehicles in mind, there is no question a bulldozer will last you a lifetime with decent maintenance and care.


Should You Buy a New Dozer of an Old Bulldozer?

A complete comparison between a new bulldozer and a used and older bulldozer. This comparison will cover your budget and the pros and cons for both the dozers.

New Bulldozer

Buying a new bulldozer rather than a used one does come with its perks. A new bulldozer will be integrated with much newer technology. Machinery and electronics are constantly advancing. As for a bulldozer, technological advancements can be in terms of better fuel efficiency, site monitoring software that can provide you data on how the work is progressing and how much weight the dozer has lifted in a specific period.

It is much easier to make changes and improvements in the newer versions rather than an older version. The attachments and the option to customize your bulldozer is a huge impact factor for someone looking for a dozer, whether a crawler or a wheel dozer. With a new bulldozer, you will get the opportunity to customize and make modifications to your specification and build your dozer from scratch, but the more you customize the more expensive your bulldozer will get.

With a new dozer, you will get warranty coverage. Buying a bulldozer directly from a manufacturer will give you satisfaction and a warranty that usually lasts for one year. But be assured, you will never get a chance to claim your warranty. A warranty is quite useless for a bulldozer that is meant to last.

If you have a huge budget to spend on a bulldozer, buying a new dozer is a great option. But if you want to allocate your budget carefully, a smarter way would be to buy a used dozer. Finding a second hand dozer is an easy and is substantially less expensive. You can save up to 70% of your fund if you opt for a used dozer over a new one.

Used Bulldozer

Buying a used bulldozer ensures that the dozer has gone through some rough times and can take the load. It is reliable, as it has already worked at a construction site and has proven it can work in a harsh environment. All you need to check when buying a used dozer, is the maintenance and the condition of the machine, as some bulldozers tend to get rough after working on a construction site.

Checking for cracks and dents in the steel bucket is a must as it is the one part that is constantly used. Finding a dozer that is in good condition and well maintained is not that difficult, a lot of websites online provide this service, where they sell good bulldozers and other types of dozers, that are well maintained and are in great condition only for a fraction of the original price.

The only drawback of buying a used or second-hand bulldozer is the technology. An older version of a dozer would not have the latest updates and the new features that come with the latest models. The fuel consumption on an older machine would not be as good as on a newer machine.

Choosing The Right Dealer 

Whether going for a used dozer or a new dozer, choosing the right dealer is a must. You must find the best dealer that will provide you with maintenance, support as well as warranties. Getting a deal on the spare parts is a must. A dealer should have an on-site service as well as a good response time. You can start by searching for heavy equipment deals online and find the best one near you.

Hope this guide will help you choose the machine you are looking for from a great dealer.

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