Excavator – A Heavy-Duty Equipment

Excavator – A Heavy-Duty Equipment

Used Bulldozer heavy machinery

If you’re looking for a piece of dependable construction equipment for digging soil and rocks, then nothing beats the maneuverability of excavators. Excavators are one of the most popular earthmoving vehicles that feature arm, bucket, movable tracks, and a rotating cab. These components provide splendid digging power and mobility, allowing this heavy piece of equipment to provide a myriad of functions like digging trenches, breaking holes, lifting away waste, and excavating mines. A popular dealer of used excavator in China is known for providing all you need.

The following are some popular types of excavators

Crawler excavators

This tracked vehicle is particularly designed for grading, digging, and moving large objects from one place to another. These crawlers operate with similar wheel systems with an ability to dig, pick, and, transport materials. Other attachments can be adjusted for crushing, cutting, lifting, ripping, and boring purposes.

Dragline excavators

This piece of heavy equipment is most commonly used in civil engineering and surface mining. They fall into two categories, one is based on lifting crane and the other one has to be built-on-site. Many crawler excavators have an added drum that acts as a dragline. They are particularly designed to be dismantled and transported over the road for various purposes. They are most commonly used for road construction, canal dredging, and pile driving, etc.

Suction excavators

The suction excavator plays a crucial role in producing suction through a wide pipe. Altogether, suction nozzles have two handles so that operator has a grasp easily. The suctions might have a collar to be rotated, hence uncovering the openings to release the suction. This will make the object too big to enter the tube. When it’s used to catch the detritus and litter, some debris might get stuck onto the teeth.

Skid-steer excavator

This is a small engine consist of an excavator machine with lift arms that are used to attach a wide range of labor-saving tools and attachments. This type of excavator has four wheels that are mechanically locked in synchronization on each-side and where the right-side wheels can be driven automatically to the left-side wheels. Other applications of this excavator might consist of transporting raw materials on a job-site.

Power shovel excavators

They consist of a deck with a power plant controlling mechanism with counterweight and front attachment like a boom or crane that supports the handle with a digger at the end. The entire mechanism is mounted on a platform with wheels. This type of excavator is primarily used for excavation and removal of litter.

Mini excavator

This wheeled vehicle has an operating weight from 0.7 to 2.5 tones. It has a backfill blade and boom swing. The size of mini-excavator and skid steer is the same but they serve a different purpose.


Excavators designed to use in large-scale and small-scale constructions. From small housing projects like cutting, filling, and constructing to larger projects like excavating, constructing and, removing these types of excavators can be used for the fulfillment of a myriad of applications. However, some of them are designed for a specific use, brand, and purpose.

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