Top 6 Facts About Caterpillar Equipment. Number 5 Will Shock You

Top 6 Facts About Caterpillar Equipment. Number 5 Will Shock You

Caterpillar (CAT) is one of the largest and most well know manufacturers when it comes to heavy equipment in the world. Their line of heavy equipment range from construction, agriculture, mining, and other machines. Take a look at these 6 amazing facts about caterpillar equipment, number 5 will shock you. So let us begin.

Fact #1: They Were the First Manufacturers to Focus Primarily On Horsepower

CAT was a result of a merger between Holt Manufacturing Company and C.L Best Tractors Company. Through the use of  link-belting and sprockets, Caterpillar was able to combine the use of link belts and sprockets to produce more and more horse power for their machines. Soon after this merger in 1925, the new machines and tractors that were being manufactured were dispensed to the farmers all across the United States.

Fact #2: Caterpillar’s Takeover Spree

As Caterpillar grew, they went on a takeover spree, taking over all the influential brands and other heavy equipment manufacturing companies. CAT did not just stick to manufacturing agriculture equipment and tractors. The takeover spree was a part of their growth, they took over many well-known brands throughout the years, such as; Bucyrus, ASV which they later sold to Terex, Traxson is also known as Traxcavator, and Lovat, Blount’s forestry division.

These takeovers helped them expand their market and achieve a name for themselves. Caterpillar switched from just producing agriculture equipment to producing other heavy equipment.

Fact #3: The CAT Brand Was Inspired by A Caterpillar

The tracked movement of a tractor and the trail it leaves behind on the dirt was inspired by a caterpillar and how it maneuvered on different terrains. Their inspirations allowed them to create a near-perfect continuous track. Other solutions in the market at that time didn’t even come close to their application of continuous tracks.

During testing one of the employees said to holt that it looked like a caterpillar crawling, thus the name came into, the crawler tractor and the crawler dozer.

Fact #4: Along with Having Colossal Equipment CAT Also Produces Compact and Smaller Equipment

CAT has a wide range of equipment mostly ranging from heavy and even heavier equipment but what most people do not know is that Caterpillar manufactures smaller equipment for residential use.

A lot of people or small time contractors need smaller equipment to operate in smaller and more compact areas, this is where CAT capitalized, making smaller versions of their giants that do the same functions depending on their horsepower.

Fact #5: CAT Helped to Win World War I and World War II

Yes, CAT helped win to win world war I and world war II. Surprisingly Holt Caterpillar Co. and C.L Best Tractor Co. would never have merged if it wasn’t for World War I. Holt sold tractors to the British and the French to help hauling equipment and sometimes the troops.

When the United States joined the first world war about 100 years ago, in April 1917. A plant manager pursued a contract to supply the U.S. military with armored tractors.

After this contract was enforced, the military said to make as many tractors as they could. While Holt’s company focused on supplying the tractors to the army, C.L. focused on capturing the local market.

After the war was over, both companies needed each other and they merged, thus the name “Caterpillar” came into existence. The name Caterpillar was chosen because of the Holt’s company’s reputation and his involvement in the war.

Fact #6: Caterpillar Are the Largest Manufacturers of Heavy Equipment 

Caterpillar was awarded the world’s largest construction machinery manufacturer in 2019. They sold machinery worth a total of 33 billion U.S. dollars. Making them the largest by sales and not only that, but Caterpillar is also one of the largest when it comes to quantity. They produced over a million machines in 2020.

The largest Caterpillar heavy equipment to ever be manufactured is the CAT 797 Mining Truck, which they recently celebrated its 1000th truck manufactured.  The CAT 797 Mining Truck has a payload capacity of 400 tons and is the largest mechanical driven mining truck in the world.

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