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Looking For New & Used Backhoe Loader For Sale? We Have The Best Ones You Need!

New machinery takes time to understand how to operate, while used machinery gives a familiar feeling regarding the use and operation. This is why most retailers seek backhoe loader, and so for other used construction equipment.

We are the leading backhoe loader distributor  who deals in supplying new and used backhoe for new construction and builders.

When it comes to performing a successful digging job or trenching at any construction site, then it becomes a must to use a vehicle that can help in materials from one place to another. Backhoe loaders are typically featured as front-mounted loaders with a two-part hydraulic arm.

As an esteemed backhoe loader supplier, Xin Yuan Machinery Trading Co, Limited provides high-grade backhoe loaders.

All our construction vehicles are widely used to dig and back-fill holes, from clearing asphalt, paving to landscaping; this versatile equipment is useful for numerous applications.

Our backhoe loaders are renowned for their versatility, agility, and rational size ranging around 3 to 10 tons. Along with the backhoe, we also provide refurbished parts for machine maintenance.

Why Are Backhoe Loader Needed at Constructional Sites?

The backhoe loader is the main asset for local authorities, construction companies, and artisans. It’s the most crucial machinery on any worksite due to certain features, including;

Burrow a channel – This machine has a pail toward one side that is ideal for burrowing. Stick the teeth into the ground and uncover the earth. You can likewise utilize it down the line to fabricate the channel for funneling.

Level a street – By pushing the furrow on the even plane of the road, you can level it, make it smooth, and put a grin on a lot of driver’s countenances.

Push soil – Every worksite has a great deal of trash that should be pushed out. In this way, the excavator helps in eliminating the accumulated earth.

Remove a tree – If you’ve never seen anybody pull up a tree with an excavator, you are missing a sweet treat for your eyes. It’s more enjoyable to work with the excavator.

As a renowned backhoe loader supplier, we always honor our clients with the best services and quality construction equipment.

How Can We Help You Expand Your Business As Backhoe Distributor?

You can approach us online or visit our shop; you’ll likely discover heaps of options in both ways. You are either buying a new backhoe loader for sale – as a distributor in your area – or buying used backhoe loaders for your construction business.

But if you want to but regularly, so will get a chance to clear all queries, and have an in-depth conversation with our representative regarding what material and technology our backhoe manufacturer use to make it useful and long-lasting machinery.

You can also check the equipment yourself for your self-satisfaction that you invest your time and money at the right place, with the right partner!

Operation & Features of Our Supplied Backhoe Loaders

The backhoe loader is widely used for construction, transport of construction materials, simple demolition, digging and soil movement, and garden landscaping. If the backhoe loader is used for moving earth, loosening tarmac, the hydraulic stabilizers on the back come in handy.

We ensure our loaders doesn’t tip over while digging, as a machine on wheels will always jolt while performing digging tasks.

Main features:

  • Gearbox are separated independently
  • Easier maintenance
  • The driving axle in Meritor technology
  • High reliability and productivity
  • Robust and reliable Torque converter
  • Counter-shaft transmission
  • Fully hydraulic steering system
  • Power-shift transmission
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable operation environment,
  • Comes with various attachments, including; pipe clamp, rock bucket, log clamp, loose bucket, etc.

We’re the leading backhoe loader manufacturers in the entire market, with nearly half of all backhoe loaders sold being a JCB. The main reason behind our success is, we’ve listened to our clients and their queries more than guiding and promoting our products. Hence, we always strive to obtain the most productive, reliable, and efficient machines worldwide.

In extreme economic situations, we’re also connecting significance to the things that matter most and can significantly affect the achievement of our clients, for example, flexibility, residuals, and eco-friendliness.

Discover proficient backhoe loader manufacturers and suppliers. We’re offering an excellent excavator loader with CE declaration; if it’s not too much trouble, have the confidence to discount modest mass items available to be purchased here from our industrial facility.


Question: What is the difference between an excavator &  backhoe loader?


What a Backhoe Loader is?

The backhoe is quite different from all types of construction machinery; we can say unique. The reason is, it’s three pieces of construction equipment attached with one unit. The backhoe loader is known with many different names like;tractor, backhoe, or loader; these are the pieces of machinery, and each piece is applicable fora particular sort of work.

On a regular building site, the excavator administrator for the most part utilizes every one of the three segments to take care of business.

What an Excavator is?

Excavator is a more flexible construction machinery, unlike a standard crawler or earth-mover. The excavator loader is highly modest and smaller in size. The excavator moves on tires, whereas, backhoe loader moves on tracks rather than tires.


Question – Should I get a backhoe or a mini excavator?


Both, backhoe loaders and mini excavators have their unique strengths. One might be better than the other in terms of the earth-moving project. It also depends on the type of job sites for which you compare one from another.

Here are few worksite considerations;

Here you need to see what type of excavator can serve your needs better?Or for the tasks you’re performing? Generally, mini excavators suit best for projects with tight spaces like; indoor destruction, backyard pool development.

On other hand, since backhoes offer a horsepower upgrade for digging deeper and moving heavier loads, so it’s highly eligible to use at larger sites where good speed and capacity are required.

Also, the backhoes are common to find at project sites like; home building, bridge repair, and road projects. What makes it handy is, the ability to travel from one nearby Job-site to another without using any heavy trailer.


Question: Which is better for farm use, a backhoe or an excavator?


In my view, a backhoe is more useful to consider for farm sites rather than excavators, why? Because backhoe can perform all kinds of jobs on its own. It can even take place of a small excavator, skid steer loader, and a loader in one machine.

Due to this, it takes less machinery to hire, this further enables project managers to save money and time.This construction machinery is best for doing jobs like;

  • Drilling holes
  • Digging trenches and ditches
  • Material transport
  • Excavation

Excavator is though useful for another purpose, so this equipment has a boom, stick, and bucket that is used for rotating chassis and boom at 360 degrees. Regardless of the assortment of sizes, backhoes can finish a wide scope of assignments, for example,

  • Flattening scenes and evacuation of bush land
  • Digging openings, trench, establishments, and lakes
  • Creating channels for utilities and seepage



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